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Albert Backpack


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The Hagen Bags are selling Albert Backpack which is Anti theft backpack, cut proof backpack, support your back, waterproof bag and smart easy-to-access pockets,

Hidden Zippers and Retractable Lock makes this bag one of the most functional everyday backpacks on the market!

New orders ships out within 1 week. Delivery is 7-12 days worldwide. 

A Backpack created for the modern everyday life - With hidden zippers, to outsmart the thieves. Designed to support your back. Easy to access pockets and a revolutionary material. Maximum size 15" Laptop.

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With 10+ groundbreaking features!

Anti Cut. We are using the most cut resistant material on the marked. 

Hidden Zipper. The Zipper is hidden up against your back

Lock System. You can lock your bag and the zipper to a sturdy element

Water Resistant. The materials used is extremely water resistant

External USB. Charge your phone on the go. You can plug in on the bag

Back Support. With weight distribution and locating pressure on your lower back. The bag feels much lighter. 

Hidden Pockets. There are 5 hidden pockets on this bag

Retractable Key Leash. In a side pocket, there is a retractable key leash

And many more!